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A Reflective Life with Rachael Coopes

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

In Episode 14, we chat with Australian actor, writer, yogi and storyteller Rachael Coopes, who shares her philosophies on life, parenting and following your passion.

Rachael has been on our screens for decades in shows such as McLeod's Daughters, Life Support and The Secret Life of Us, and is a much loved presenter and writer on the Australian television treasure that is Playschool.

We take a look at Rachael's journey of self-discovery as a writer and performer, muddling her way through the murky waters of parenthood in what can be an incredibly isolating and difficult time.

Rach shares her thoughts on the modern challenges we face today and how yoga has become central to her way of relating to the busy world around us.

We get a behind the scenes look at the wondrous world of Playschool and the incredible efforts that go into the creation of this great icon of Australian television.

Rachael is genuine, charming and inspiring, while providing a healthy reminder to find that moment to pause and reflect, amid the chaos.

Listen here:

To contribute to the her passion project 'Rachael and the Minis' click on the link below:

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1 Comment

Just caught up on this one - love Rachael from Playschool! I didn't realise she was a single mum. Loved her openness and honesty. It's true that you never really know what anyone is going through and there's so much we could all do better.

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