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A Spoonful of Sense with Sarah Davidson

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

We are launching Season 2 with an earnest and insightful conversation with the multi-talented and truly wonderful Sarah Davidson. You may know her as Spoonful of Sarah or as the host of her fabulous podcast, Seize the Yay.

Sarah's professional career started as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer for a top tier firm in Melbourne but took a sharp left turn when she suffered a severe bout of adrenal fatigue, which saw her exploring other options.

It was from this that her first foray into business was underway, in the creation of Matcha Maiden with her now husband Nic Davidson. Their business exploded onto the market and just one year on, they opened their award-winning plant based café, Matcha Mylkbar.

Sarah has achieved so much in her life and career to date and is an absolute delight to chat with.

One of the things I love about podcasting and this format, is that the shape of the conversation can change dramatically at any point and you can think you're going to be talking to someone about one particular aspect of their lives and then something entirely different comes out of the energy you each bring on that day.

This conversation was the perfect example of that. I thought we were going to dive straight into Sarah's incredible journey as a self-styled funtrepreneur - and while we did explore much of that, the conversation went deep into anxiety and mental health from jump. Sarah's story is inspiring and her warmth and candour is infectious.

Oh, and if you've ever been curious about what goes on on Richard Branson's private island when no one is looking? Then sit tight and Sarah will give you low down on her exclusive retreat and wild bachelorette party thrown by the man himself!

You can connect with Sarah through her website Spoonful of Sarah or through Insta as Spoonful of Sarah or Seize the Yay. Don't forget to check out Matcha Maiden and Matcha Mylkbar while you're at it!

As always, your reviews and ratings are very much appreciated, so if you like the show - please let us know! You can also connect with us at The Curious Life Podcast on Insta and Facebook by clicking on these links.

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