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Calm in the Storm with Candice Warner

Candice Warner has weathered many a storm in the glaring eye of public scrutiny. After surviving a compromising video being leaked nearly 15 years ago, an alleged ball tampering scandal involving her husband, Australian cricketer David Warner, a devastating miscarriage and the public breakdown of her relationship with former friend and PR rep Roxy Jacenko during their time as contestants on Channel 7’s SAS: Australia, Candice has really been through it all.

Her grit and tenacity is palpable and her outlook on life is remarkable.

Candice is a former champion Iron Woman and a mother to three young girls, who is passionate about giving them the best start in life.

We chat about parenting and balancing family life in the public eye, and the incredible challenges she has overcome. Curious about how Candice has managed to maintain such resilience and grace through the darker moments in her life? Listen now on all the podcast apps.

You can follow Candice on Insta @candywarner1 and The Curious Life @thecuriouslifepodcast.

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A huge thank you to the wonderful Julie Reynolds for her mad editing skills and you can find her at @audiolemonade or at

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