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Digging Deep with Dinzi Amobi-Sanderson

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

In this episode, we meet entrepreneur, lawyer and twin mum, Dinzi Amobi-Sanderson.

Dinzi was born in Nigeria, to Nigerian and English parents and moved to London at the age of eight. She shares her journey across the continents, from her deep and rich African roots to her contrasting British schooling, and what brings her now to be raising her family in Australia.

We talk about the perception of cultural identity and how to raise kids with their own unique sense of self, and the challenges faced by parents raising kids in a culture different from their own.

Dinzi shares her experiences as a mother of twins, trying to do it all, and the stark reality of so many women who frequently feel pulled in several different directions - professionally, personally and at home.

Her unabashed honesty and dry sense of humour make this conversation both entirely relatable and enlightening.

Not only is this incredible woman fiercely intelligent, inspiring and prolific in her own right, she launched ULO Australia, an African homewares brand, while wrangling newborn twins.

If you're curious about cultural identity, finding the balance between raising a family, working out what's important in your own family dynamic or finding ways to follow your passion while laughing off the occasional horrors of parenting, then this episode is for you!

Listen to the full episode here:

You can check out Dinzi's fabulous designs through the ULO Australia website below and stay tuned for the launch of ULO Kids coming soon!

Or connect on Instagram here:

Don't forget to join in the conversation over at The Curious Life Facebook and Insta also.

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