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Fearlessly Failing with Lola Berry

You might know Lola Berry from her myriad endeavours as a nutritionist, television presenter, podcaster, yoga instructor, entrepreneur and author. She is passionate about throwing yourself at your dreams, giving everything a red hot go and not being afraid to fail. Which is exactly what her new book Fearlessly Failing is all about.

In this episode, we chat about the big risks that Lola has taken along the way and Lola’s firm belief in regular therapy for managing all the aspects of her life. From the lessons of failures in love and in life to why it is so important to run towards the disappointments, rather than away from them.

Lola’s new life includes two big moves to LA and the Byron, splitting her time across the world and immersing herself the scary new landscape of acting classes in the home of Hollywood. So how does she balance her long-distance relationship, her businesses and her passions alongside the big life questions about what next?

The answers might surprise you.

You can find Lola at @yummololaberry or at and can order her new book Fearlessly Failing via the link in her bio.

Edited and VO’d by Julie Reynolds of Audio Lemonade –

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