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Future Woman with Jamila Rizvi

Jamila Rizvi is a best-selling author, sought after public speaker, thriving podcaster presenter and gender equality advocate. You may remember her incredibly rousing speech at the Women’s March 4 Justice earlier this year, sharing her thoughts on the painful experiences of women in Australian politics.

Jamila lives in Melbourne with her husband and young son and although it sounds like she might just have it all, she is also living with the devastating damage caused as a result of a recurrent brain tumour.

This impacts her life in every way imaginable and in this episode, Jamila shares some of the battles she has had to face in dealing with this from initial diagnosis, through treatment and in the unexpected ways that her mental health has been challenged beyond the medical interventions.

As the host of The Secret Life of Carers Podcast, Jamila found herself immersed in the stories of mental health carers and we unpacked some of the ways in which their experiences resonated with her own.

It’s an insightful chat about mental health and resilience and the many surprises that life might have for us all in the ways that our lives unfold.

You can find Jamila on Instagram at @jamilarizvi where you will fin the links to all her podcasts, her work with Future Women and latest collaborations.

You can follow us at @thecuriouslifepodcast and please leave a rating or review on iTunes if you have a spare moment too.

Thank you to Julie Reynolds of @audiolemonade, for the whizz bang editing as always. You can hire her yourself at

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