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I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost! With Paranormal Investigator, David Nesbitt

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

It is only fitting that in Episode 13, we tiptoe down the hallway of paranormal activity and chat with part-time Paranormal Investigator, David Nesbitt.

David shares some of his spine tingling encounters as a Ghost Hunter, that have taken him into some of the most active locations in Victoria, witnessing and recording the sights and sounds of the spirit world.

We exchange personal stories about experiences with the unexplained and David gives us a behind the scenes look at what goes down on a typical night of ghost hunting.

David's straightforward and honest approach to his nocturnal expeditions may leave you questioning your own beliefs, as he shares his journey from skeptic to believer through each spooky turn.

If you've ever wondered whether authentic paranormal activity is just as they portray in the movies, then this one's for you, as we unveil the truth behind connection with the other realm.

Don't miss the end of the episode, when David cracks out the professional gear and takes a wander through the house, in an attempt to connect with the mysterious footsteps that have been heard in the hallway of this Art Deco home.

The results may leave your spine tingling too!

Listen here:

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