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Let's Talk About Sex, Baby! With Sarah Calleja

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Counselling Psychologist and Clinical Sexologist Sarah Calleja

Counselling Psychologist and Clinical Sexologist Sarah Calleja knows her body and wants you to know yours too!

We chat about her work as a sex therapist, helping couples navigate their way through sexual anxieties, ways to reinvigorate your relationship and tips on exploring and increasing intimacy after kids.

Sarah also shares her thoughts on pornography and the impact, both positive and negative, that the industry has had on social culture, and the ways we can teach our children about boundaries and body safety.

Sarah recently partnered with Swinburne University to create an app called Parents, Tweens and Sex, a resource for talking with kids about sexuality and their bodies in a safe and fun way.

Listen to the full episode here:

Let's Talk About Sex Baby! With Sarah Calleja

You can contact Sarah here:

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