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Making Waves with Michael Klim

This was the first episode recorded in lockdown so the sound quality is going to be a little shaky unfortunately as we enter the new world of Zoom interviews! But in this episode, I had the distinct privilege of chatting with triple Olympian and world champion swimmer, Michael Klim.

It might be a surprise to learn that one of our greatest champions, considers himself to be quite a shy guy, despite what you may have seen on TV. Michael has spent his life in the water, taking in the life lessons and applying them to his life beyond the pool.

Michael shared his story from his early expat years, where his father’s work took the family across the globe countless times, learning to swim at the Breach Candy Club in India as a toddler and the resilience he built through his many years of adapting to a new environment.

The one constant throughout, was swimming.

Michael recounted some of his experiences as an Olympic swimmer, the challenges he faced and finding the drive to persevere through injuries and setbacks – and how he has learned to apply these skills to his life after swimming.

We also talked about his life as a parent to his three beautiful children, who he shares with ex-wife Lindy and how they worked through those sticky days of public separation and finding their groove as co-parents.

Michael is a warm and generous spirit who has remained humble throughout his success. He is very generously offering listeners 30% off his Milk & Co products until July 1st, using the code MILKTCLP.

I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed talking with the wonderful Michael Klim.

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You can connect with Michael on Instagram here

or Klim by Michael Klim for the active range for men.

Stay safe and stay well and enjoy the show!

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