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Putting On A Show with Rob Mills

Rob “Millsy” Mills rose to fame on Australian Idol in 2003 and spent the immediate years following, under the dizzying and intense spotlight of fame. At the height of the Idol frenzy, Rob had a terrifying panic attack that literally took him right to the edge and back. This was his first brush with mental health in a serious way and one that we got into during our conversation in this episode.

Rob is a bit of an open book and has taken that approach in his new role as an author, sharing so much of his own life and reflections while exploring all the edges of masculinity and mental health, and what it means to be an “Aussie bloke”. Turns out there isn’t one single way to be a man in this country and thank god for that!

We unpacked Rob’s reasons for diving into such a meaty topic, and what he learned from the conversations he had with some of the country’s top experts in mental health. Rob also shared his thoughts on the complexities of shifting family dynamics, mateship and the incredibly important role his relationship with his two brothers has had over the years.

Rob has done a huge amount of research for this book, covering areas like toxic masculinity, gender equity, violence, suicide, online misogyny, penis size and sexuality but all handled with humour and deep insight that has certainly left me, a mother of three young boys, rethinking so much of what will be important in raising them. It's a great chat.

Grab your copy of Rob’s book “Putting On A Show”, read it and give it to all the men in your life.

You can find Rob on Insta at @robmillsymills or at Follow along at @thecuriouslifepodcast and please let us know your thoughts on the ep! Edited and Voiceovers by Julie Reynolds of Audio Lemonade.

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