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Sex and Death on The Spectrum with Kathleen Lee

Welcome to Season 3!

In our first episode of the new season, we chat with writer, director and actor Kathleen Lee about her compelling Australian web series, Sex and Death. It’s an awkward and hilarious look at love and relationships through a neurodiverse lense.

Kathleen shares much of herself in the series, as she explores the challenges she has faced in her own efforts to interpret human interactions throughout her life, and highlights the strangeness of the neurotypical people around her.

After a lifetime of masking her difficulties and after she had wrapped the series, Kathleen finally received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. In this episode, Kathleen chats about the road to her diagnosis and how it transformed her life exponentially.

So often we hear about what life on the Autism Spectrum is like for children, but it’s rarely do we hear the stories of young adults, making their way in the world and what it can be like to navigate the sticky mess of sensory overload, music festivals, relationships and the realities of adult life when you’re neurodiverse.

Kathleen is incredibly generous with her insights and experiences and is a young film maker to keep your eye on!

The series was aired on SBS Viceland but you can catch it here on YouTube. You can also find Kathleen on Instagram @kathleenmarylee or via @kewlstudio.

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This episode was edited and VO’d by the incomparable Julie Reynolds of @audiolemonade and you can find her at

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