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Single Pringle with Stacey June

In this episode, you’ll hear from Stacey June who you may remember from her radio program and podcast, The Thinker Girls and The Stacey June Show. Stacey is now a self-care coach with a passion for women’s voices being heard and delves into issues that others fear to broach.. And that’s exactly where we go in this episode.

Stacey can now add published author to her list of achievements, with her new book Single Pringle available everywhere. In it, Stacey shares many incredibly personal stories and anecdotes about her time as a single woman and what she has learned about the importance of learning to flourish alone.

We unpack many of the themes that emerged in the book as well as Stacey’s road to self-care coaching after a painful bump in the road in her radio career. Self-care is so much more than the basics and we talk about exactly what that looks like in Stacey's world.

For anyone who has ever been single or might find themselves on their own right now, this one is for you. It’s an empowering discussion about the expectations placed upon women (whether we like it or not) and how to completely revamp the way you might have been thinking about yourself.

You can find Stacey on Insta at @staceyjune or at @singlepringleau

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