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Tea & Honesty with Jules Sebastian

Content Warning: This episode includes an open discussion about suicide.

In this episode, I chat with the lovely Jules Sebastian, who you might know as a stylist, the host of the podcast and YouTube series Tea & Honesty and as the wife of singer and songwriter, Guy Sebastian. Jules can now add author to her list of achievements with the release of her first book Tea & Honesty.

We sat down to chat about some of the important themes that Jules addresses in her book, from the perils of comparison in parenting, to understanding and raising wild boys and the challenges she has faced as a very busy mother of two, with a thriving media career and a schedule that demanded she make some tough decisions.

Jules also shared her painful experiences with grief, following the loss of her brother to suicide. As anyone who has lost someone they love will know, the pain and the anguish can feel insurmountable. In this conversation, you will hear how beautifully Jules has been able to work through the loss, to find the moments of acceptance and joy, even through the darkest days. It’s incredibly heartening to hear her trademark positivity guiding her through what undoubtedly has been an immensely painful time for her family.

Jules shares so much of her story in this heart warming chat and just like in her book, there are a lot of lessons to take away, for anyone who might be wondering how to get through the trenches they might find themselves in or have any sense of doubt about who they are and where they are heading. Plenty of inspiration here.

You can find Jules on Insta at @julessebastian and her book Tea & Honesty is available at all good bookstores.

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Thank you to our lovely editor and VO queen, Julie Reynolds of @audiolemonade. Find her at

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