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The Butterfly Foundation: Talking Helps

In this episode, we meet three people whose lives have been impacted by eating disorders, with stories that are less commonly shared in mainstream media.

The Butterfly Foundation's Talking Helps campaign was created to urge people living with an eating disorder, to reach out for help - particularly those who may not fit the eating disorder stereotype.

To bring to light some of those stories, I had the opportunity to talk with Dominik and TJ who have lived with eating disorders themselves and are now in recovery. They both have stories that we don't typically hear, as men suffering with disordered eating and the ways that they were able to access support and begin their recovery journey.

I also spoke with Amelia, who gave us an insight into her work for the Butterfly Foundation's National Helpline, supporting people with eating disorders and their families, carers and professionals.

These were enlightening conversations and reinforced the importance of taking that first step, to talk with someone about your mental health.

For anyone wondering about their own relationship with food or their bodies, call the National Helpline to talk with someone today 1800 33 4673.

Head to The Butterfly Foundation website for more information and resources. You can also access support by chatting online through the website or by email at

A huge thank you to the wonderful Julie Reynolds of Audio Lemonade for her voicework and brilliant editing skills as usual!

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