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Media Appearances

Featured segment on Today Extra (Channel 9)

Interviewed by Trevor Chappell on ABC Radio

The House of Wellness

How practicing genuine gratitude can boost health and happiness

Marie Claire

Dangerous Legging Trend


The House of Wellness

Does your relationship need a refresh?


Talking to kids about grief 

The House of Wellness

Cutting ties: how to cope with family estrangement


It's not just you, the end-of-year-blahs are hard - here's why..

The House of Wellness

Can people really change?



Here's why perfectionism can be bad for your health

Eat Live Escape

Feature and extract from Embracing Change

The House of Wellness

The mind-blowing benefits of positive thinking



Princess Charlotte and the touching reminder about grief

Women's Health

How to actually embrace change


7 signs you might be emotionally unavailable

The House of Wellness

Fun family activities that are good for you and your kids' wellbeing



How to talk to kids about grief

Women's Day Magazine

Grief at Christmas


Helping Kids Process Grief


When my mother died, I learned that closure is a myth


Mother's Day can be a minefield of pain and grief, but it doesn't have to be


How to help children process grief


Life Matters: Radio National ABC

Body_Soul Healthy-ish Podcast

How to cope with health anxiety

Body+Soul Healthy-ish Podcast

Grief and the closure myth

Better Reading Podcast

On Why We Should Embrace Change

Slim Magazine 

Feature on Embracing Change

Coast FM 88.7

Teach Me in 20 Podcast:


Down The Line TV:


How to Turn 30 Podcast

She Defined Magazine


Balance the Grind


Balance the Grind - Workflow Series

WTCA Conference 2020 - Guest Speaker

Women United Live - Live Interview

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