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A Princess Found with Princess Sarah Culberson

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to discover you were descended from royalty?

This week’s guest didn’t have to imagine. Princess Sarah Culberson was adopted at the age of one, into a loving, white family in West Virginia and raised knowing very little about her birth family.

When she decided it was time to start the process and begin to explore her roots, she unlocked a secret that was bigger than anything she could ever have dreamed of. Not only did she find her birth father and travel to Sierra Leone to meet him, her arrival was met with a celebration and reunion that was fit for the screens.

In fact, her story is so incredible that Disney has bought the rights and is making a movie out of the events that unfolded from her beginnings in America to her enormous discovery in Sierra Leone.

But taking her place in the line of succession was not the end of the story for Princess Sarah. Her journey to Sierra Leone has sparked a movement for change and she is now committed to making lasting change in a country that has come to mean so much to her.

Princess Sarah is an incredible ray of light. She is warm, bright and an exceptional storyteller. You cannot help but be moved by her extraordinary story and I know you’re going to love this one.

You can find her on socials at @iamprincesssc, on her website or through her work with Sierra Leone Rising

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Edited and VO’d by the wonderful Julie Reynolds of Audio Lemonade. Find her at

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