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Best Laid Plans with Georgie Abay

This is one of those episodes that when listening back, I was crying, laughing and doing both at the same time. Georgie Abay gets it.

Georgie’s new book Best Laid Plans truly spoke to my soul. Having recently had Baby #3 and trying to strike the balance between ambition, passion and family demands, I was underslept, overwrought and so, so ready for this conversation.

Georgie and I clicked immediately and went deep into her experience as a mother, having had two traumatic and premature births in quick succession, challenging first months with her babies, along with enviable career opportunities to rival any Hollywood movie. We unpacked the raw and ugly truth about the toll that parenthood can take on your mental and physical health - as well as your relationship - and the complex layers that compound all of these issues for so many of us.

Georgie Abay is a busy woman, a creative and a former Vogue Australia deputy editor, founder of The Grace Tales and current acting Head of Marketing Campaigns, Operations & Content at Mecca. She truly knows the pressure that so many of us feel as women – but best of all – she is willing to talk about it. What worked, what hasn’t and why.

Don’t miss this one – and grab yourself a copy of Georgie’s book now for an inside look at her brilliant career, the highs and the lows, and her generous gift of insight and reflection that I know will connect with so many.

You can find Georgie on socials at @thegracetales or via her website at

Find us at @thecuriouslifepodcast and @thedaysthatfollow on Insta for all the latest updates.

Thank you to Julie Reynolds at @audiolemonade for getting this episode out despite the wrath of wild weather and blackouts! Find her at

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