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Love On The Spectrum with Jodi Rodgers

You might recognise Jodi Rodgers from the smash hit series, “Love On The Spectrum” which aired on ABC and is now available on Netflix.

Jodi is a qualified sexologist, counsellor and special education teacher, and her role on the show saw her supporting the cast on their quest to find love.

Jodi is one of those very special people, who connects deeply with the people she is working with and with those around her. This conversation is no different. We talked about her time on the show, sex and intimacy in relationships and of course, the beautiful community of people on the spectrum that she knows and loves. Jodi’s honesty and generosity is just beautiful and I know you’ll love this chat.

You can find Jodi on Insta at @jodirodgers_ or look her up in her private practice at

Edited by Julie Reynolds of Audio Lemonade.

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