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Apollo & Thelma: A True Tall Tale with Jon Faine

Jon Faine is an award-winning broadcaster, known for his tenacity, fearlessness and as Tony Abbott once put it, his always being prepared to ask the “mongrel question”.

It was because of this reputation that he felt compelled to bring to light some of the dark and horrifying truths of Australian history, that Jon uncovered during his research for his new book Apollo & Thelma. While the secrets he discovered were shocking and abhorrent, and there in black and white on the page, Jon realised that much of this Indigenous story has been kept hidden from the history books.

Jon has both a personal and a professional interest in making these truths known and he shares much of those inside the book. Apollo & Thelma is a number of true stories cleverly woven together, from the tale of the famous strong man and his family to Jon’s honest and frank account of his early years as a young and mischievous lawyer – and how these stories have intertwined for over 40 years.

In this conversation, Jon shares his experience with Imposter Syndrome, reflects on his youthful risk-taking behaviour (that he is surprised he survived at times), and why it was important for him to write this book during a very difficult time in his life.

Jon is one of the great storytellers and it was an absolute privilege to have this conversation with him.

You can listen now on any of the podcast apps or click the player below.

Edited and VO by Julie Reynolds of Audio Lemonade. @audiolemonade

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