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Bachie, Babies and Beyond with Sam Wood

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

You may remember Sam Wood as the quintessential good guy, who rose to fame (literally) as The Bachelor on the third Australian series, breaking the hearts of millions of viewers when he found love with the gorgeous Snezana.

Fast forward a few years and they are now very happily married with three beautiful daughters and are the shining example to all the Bachie contestants that have followed in their footsteps.

Sam wasn't always in the spotlight however, spending a very happy childhood in picturesque Tasmania, until tragedy struck the family while Sam was only in his early teens.

The eldest of his siblings, Sam navigated the dark waters of grief while continuing to complete his schooling as his father rose to the challenge of suddenly becoming the sole parent to three children.

Sam shares his very personal experience with grief, and the decisions that saw him take a coaching position in The States, which sent him hurtling towards the mainland to set him on a path that would lead to the big life he is living now.

Sam takes us through the lessons he learned along his professional journey, how he built his 28 by Sam Wood empire and the most important role in his life as a father.

For the Bachie fans, this is not to be missed as Sam cheekily lifts the curtain on the Bachelor stage, giving us the low down on what really goes on behind the scenes of one of the world's favourite TV franchises.

Sam is not afraid to be vulnerable or to share his thoughts and experiences, so settle in and enjoy this enlightening conversation.

Sam has very generously offered a FREE copy of his bestselling cook book 28 By Sam Wood, by using the coupon provided in the episode, to everyone who signs up to the 28 program by midnight on November 4th. Get listening for the coupon code!

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