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Ciao Bella! With Kate Langbroek

Kate Langbroek has been a shining star of radio and television for the last two and a bit decades and is known for her quick wit and mirthful observations – and isn’t afraid to share a strong opinion, either.

Two years ago, Kate was at the top of her game with a top rating radio show with a legion of avid listeners and regular, much-loved television appearances. At the height of this acclaim, Kate and her husband Peter, made the bold move to pack up their family of six and move them to Italy for a year.

What came next was a combination of highs and lows, time for reflection and a healthy dose of la dolce vita.

One year in Italy rolled into two, when Kate found herself at the epicentre of the global pandemic during what should have been her sweet escape.

So, what sent her packing? And how did she manage with all those kids in an apartment during months of intense lockdown on the other side of the world?

Kate chats with Jana about the magic of Italy, the stark realities of life as a busy mum of four and the depths of grief that having a child with a cancer diagnosis brings.

Kate has plenty of advice for Jana as she gives us insight into her own little wolf pack and just how she is raising her three boys to be good men. They chat about the changing landscape of friendships, medieval plague doctors and all the beauty that lies within Kate’s brilliant new book Ciao Bella!

It's a vibrant conversation that will have you both laughing and crying, much like Kate's book.

You can find Kate on Instagram at @katelangbroek

For all the latest follow us on Insta at @thecuriouslifepodcast

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A huge thank you to Julie Reynolds for whipping this episode into shape (despite major tech fails at our end with a dodgy mic this week!) You can work with Julie too at or follow her at @audiolemonade.

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