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Coping and Courage with Dr Kieran Kennedy

The 15th-21st of June is Men’s Health Week, here in Australia, shining the spotlight on the key issues in men’s health to raise the profile of men, their health and outcomes and health needs around the country.

Who better to share some insights into men’s health than this week’s guest – Dr Kieran Kennedy.

Dr Kieran is one of those incredible go getters, with degrees in science and in Medicine/Surgery and is currently completing the last few months of his Psychiatry residency. For those that don’t know, those last two take a total of 12 years study and a serious commitment. He is passionate about health and fitness and breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health.

Dr Kieran is incredibly warm and funny, intelligent and informed and we had an enriching conversation about men’s mental health, the personal and professional impact of the current COVID climate, and what it’s been like working at one of Melbourne’s busiest hospitals during the pandemic.

We also talked about managing anxiety and self-care, as well as some moving stories from his life as a doctor. He talks with ease about the more difficult things in life and as a mental health professional myself, it was a delight to tackle some of the bigger issues together.

Dr Kieran’s zest for life and enthusiasm for breaking down the barriers when it comes to mental health is incredibly encouraging, and I know we'll be seeing a whole lot more of Dr Kieran in the years to come.

You can find the links to his website here, as well as to Dr Kieran on Instagram and don’t forget to leave us a rating and review and tag us in your thoughts on The Curious Life Insta!

Now in the interest of good mental health, pop on your runners, pop in your air pods and head out for a walk while listening to The Curious Life with Dr Kieran Kennedy

Edited by the fabulous Julie Reynolds of Audio Lemonade.

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