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Do Something For Nothing with Joshua Coombes

Joshua Coombes is the founder of the #DoSomethingForNothing movement, that encourages people to contribute their skills, time or simple acts of kindness to people who need it most.

This is something that Joshua himself, has been doing for many years now. In 2015, quite by chance, Joshua met a man who was living on the streets, and they shared a long and meaningful conversation. As a professional hair stylist, Josh happened to have his scissors and clippers with him and on the spur of the moment, offered him a haircut. That moment transformed Joshua’s life in the most monumental way.

This one moment of connection on the streets of London to the streets of the world, sparked a movement and Joshua has continued to offer his time and skills to people living on the streets across the globe. This isn’t about Josh though, and he would be the first to say so. It’s about the incredible stories of human connection that he shares with each individual.

By sharing these transformational stories through social media and now through his beautiful book Do Something For Nothing, Joshua's aim is to destigmatise the issue of homelessness and advocate for social change.

In this chat, Josh shares some of the poignant stories he has encountered along the way and the lessons he has taken away from them. It’s a moving discussion, delving into the themes of homelessness, love, inequality, shame and resilience.

His work is truly inspiring and takes him around the world, amplifying the voices of some of life’s forgotten people. Josh is an incredibly humble, down to earth human, doing wonderful things for the global community.

You can find Josh and take in some of his incredible work @joshuacoombes and @dosomethingfornothing and

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