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Grabbing at Life with Gabrielle Scawthorn

In this episode, we meet the incredibly funny, bright and brilliant Gabrielle Scawthorn who went from Ipswich school girl to Channel V presenter and contender in one swift kick.

An overnight baptism of fire saw Gab rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in entertainment and presenting on live TV, while competing for an ongoing position with the station.

Gab shares some of her more precarious moments as an underage girl who found herself backstage and in hotel rooms with musicians almost twice her age, and the experience of being on reality television before there was social media.

Gab talks frankly about the impact this had on her mental health when the show ended as abruptly as it began, and the dark places this took her through.

Needless to say, Gab had plenty more to give and what followed was training at the prestigious NIDA and a stellar career on the stages of Australia and the UK. This young firecracker has also been hosting a new podcast called Back From Reality, deep diving into the muddy waters of reality TV from every perspective.

Gabrielle is an absolute delight with magnetic energy and I could have spent all day unpacking the problems of the world with this lovely one!

Gab is also starring in a one-woman show called The Apologists, at the Old 505 Theatre in Sydney after two highly successful seasons in London. The Sydney season is running from January 20-31. Click here to get your tickets!

You can follow Gab on Instgram here.

If you love this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it, please leave us a rating or review on iTunes or send us screenshot with your thoughts on Insta @thecuriouslifepodcast.

As always, this episode was edited and voice-overed by the wonderful Julie Reynolds of Audio Lemonade.

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