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Grit and Gold with Tyler Mahoney

This week’s guest is the essence of grit, charisma and determination. Tyler Mahoney is a fourth generation gold prospector from Kalgoorlie, WA, whose happy place is elbows deep in red dust. She has been a model, a designer, a business owner, a breakout international television star on Aussie Gold Hunters and now on the hit Discovery network series Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail and isn’t afraid to share her stories and the sometimes ugly truth about living with bipolar disorder.

We get deep into the dirt together in this riveting conversation about mental health, mining, morals and manic episodes – and how we can support people who might be going through it themselves.

There is absolutely something for everyone in this one, she's an absolute gem. Pun intended.

Tyler also hosts a podcast called Let’s Unpack That, sharing more of her experiences with mental health so go and check that out. You can find her on Instagram @tyler_m_mahoney and at @letsunpackthat_pod.

If you’d like to join her private prospectors club and learn the tricks of the trade, head to @theprospectorsclub_ .

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A big thank you to editor extraordinaire, Julie Reynolds from @audiolemonade and you can find her at

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