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It's All True with Chezzi Denyer

Chezzi Denyer is an accomplished television producer, broadcaster, podcaster and believe it or not - former car salesperson! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Chezzi has seen and done it all and isn’t afraid to talk about it.

In this conversation, Chezzi shares some of the tremendous challenges she has overcome, to become the woman she is today. Part of that journey includes a very difficult time with post-natal anxiety following a traumatic birth, an adult diagnosis of ADHD and the relentless scrutiny of her body and marriage to hubby Grant Denyer, by the media.

We go deep in this chat, from the painful and traumatic, to the lessons learned by surviving so many of the hurdles thrown Chezzi’s way. And there is a lot we can all take away from this conversation, as Chezzi’s warmth and strength resonates on so many levels.

You can listen to Chezzi and Grant’s podcast It’s All True? on any of the podcast apps and see what Chezzi is up to on Insta at @chezzidenyer

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For all your podcast editing or voiceover needs, head to Audio Lemonade and ask for the fabulous Julie Reynolds!

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