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Learning to Be with Luke McLeod

Luke McLeod is a wellness consultant and passionate meditator, whose mission has become to help others reach their potential and find balance in a meaningful and accessible way.

Luke first appeared on our screens as a front runner in the race for Sophie Monk's heart on The Bachelorette. Sadly for Soph, that didn't pan out.

It wasn't long before Luke was back looking for love in the inaugural Australian season of Bachelor in Paradise, catapulting him into the spotlight once more.

When his relationship on the show went the way of many, Luke suddenly found himself at the centre of the wrath of the Bachie fanatics.

For many of the people who knew Luke well, the move into reality television seemed like a surprising choice for the former Army officer and philosophical soul. But a transformative experience in India following the breakdown of just about every part of his life, had left Luke open to new experiences in a way he had never been before.

In this episode, Luke shares his experiences behind the scenes on The Bachelorette and BIP, his relative fall from grace in the eyes of the Bachie fans and his thoughts on the responsibilities of the networks to provide ongoing care for participants, well beyond their contractual screen time.

Luke shares his journey through devastating losses, to finding meaning and strength in meditation, and the drive he feels to share what he has learned along the way.

He is passionate about helping others reach their potential and allow themselves the time to just "be". He does this through his teaching platform Soul Alive, offering guided meditation and support in a thoroughly modern, accessible and affordable way.

Luke is generously offering listeners a Christmas special on 6-month Soul Alive memberships where you will receive 20% off using the discount code SOULXMAS.

This code can be used right up until Christmas to head over to the Soul Alive product page to sign up now!

You can find Luke on Instagram or through the Soul Alive Insta page by clicking on any of these links.

We would love to hear your thoughts so please leave us a rating or review on the podcast app and tag us in your posts on Instagram, using @thecuriouslifepodcast

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