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Life Is Tough But So Are You with Briony Benjamin

Briony Benjamin, is the kind of woman you want to be best friends with. She is a self-confessed video mischief maker, global storyteller, keynote speaker and author. She’s incredibly down to earth to boot.

Briony was living a fabulous life, working at Mamamia and flexing all her creative muscles, when things started slowly falling apart.

Suddenly Briony found herself having to tell a story she never thought she would be telling, when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma at just 31. She made a video of her experiences called “You Only Get One Life” that went viral, and has now been seen by over 200 million people.

The way Briony handled life’s biggest curve ball is a great reminder that Life Is Tough But So Are You…which happens to be the name of her brilliant book - out now.

In this episode, Briony will take you through her incredible story of grit and resilience through the darkest days of her life, with great wit, charm and a massive dose of inspiration.

Listen now wherever you get your podcasts.

You can follow Briony on Insta @briony_benjamin.

Find us at @thecuriouslifepodcast and follow along for all the latest updates.

A huge thank you as always to Julie Reynolds of Audio Lemonade for the editing and Voice Overs – you can hire her too at

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