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Making Her Mark with Michala Banas

In this episode, we chat with the wonderful Michala Banas, who shares her story of a life in film and television. Michala has worked in front of the camera from the tender age of 18 months (although insists that doesn’t really count) and rose to fame in the acclaimed Australian family drama Always Greener. You might recognise her as the very direct and somewhat uncouth Amber Wheeler, in the Aussie comedy, Upper Middle Bogan. A role which she played with delight.

Michala has worked with some of the biggest names in film, on stage and in television and has had a raft of experiences that could have kept us chatting all day.

Over the course of the conversation, Michala analysed some of her own professional setbacks, and how she has overcome some of her biggest challenges. She also shared her thoughts on the often overlooked mental health of people in the entertainment industry and her involvement with the revealing documentary The Show Must Go On.

Michala recently added a new string to her already impressive bow, training in London as an Intimacy Coordinator. Wondering what that entails? Well you’ll just have to listen to find out!

You can get in touch with Michala on Instagram at @michalabanas

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Edited and Voice-Overs by the fabulous, magical unicorn Julie Reynolds of Audio Lemonade.

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