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Of Gold & Dust with Samantha Wills

If you haven’t read Of Gold & Dust, by Samantha Wills – pause this podcast immediately and go out and get yourself a copy. If you don’t already know, Samantha Wills became a highly sought after jewellery designer after turning her little kitchen table hobby into a global success. She has been at the helm of several other successful businesses and a creative director who on the surface, appeared to be living an exceedingly glamourous life between New York and Sydney.

What most people don’t know, is exactly what it took to get to that place. Just how much Samantha poured into her creative career from within every inch of her soul, her energy and in amassed credit card debt. This is a story for anyone, who has ever thought about doing ANYTHING. A brilliant reminder that no one is an overnight success and just how vital it is to listen to your intuition, surround yourself with the right people and wrangle that nagging inner critic back into darkest recesses of your mind, where they belong.

Samantha bares it all in this brilliant memoir and it was such a thrill to unpack some of the themes with her in this conversation. Importantly, Samantha shares in great detail, her ongoing battle with endometriosis and the pressure that she and so many women face, in choosing a life for themselves with or without children.

Samantha is a ray of light and such an inspiration – do not miss this episode.

You can find Samantha on Insta @samanthawills or through her website

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A special thank you to Julie Reynolds who did a brilliant job pulling all the editing together this week, under exceptional circumstances. We are so lucky to have you Julie, thank you

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