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Preparing to Flourish with Angela Ceberano

In this well overdue episode (apologies - COVID chaos!), I met with PR maven and quite literally one of the loveliest, warmest people I’ve ever met – Angela Ceberano.

Ange is the Founder and Managing Director of Flourish, a creative communications agency based here in Melbourne, who spent some time chatting with me about the highs and lows of her personal and professional life.

Ange has had a thrilling career to date, spending the first 10 years working with some of the biggest names in music, as the National Publicity Manger at Sony Music Entertainment. She has quite literally seen it all. And some of it’s pretty juicy!

She is also a self-confessed workaholic who has paid the price for throwing everything she has into her passions, finding herself in hospital and forced to down tools.

Ange gave us a peek into her marriage with musician Phil Ceberano and shared some of her experiences of their continuing IVF journey. In the lead up to the interview, Ange told me that she is an open book and that nothing was off limits. This couldn’t have been more true - she is incredibly generous and an absolute joy to talk with.

There is so much that I personally took away from this chat and I know that many of you will too.

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You can find Ange on YouTube here or on Insta @angelaceberano

Don't forget to check out Ange's stunning range of luxe candles Marco & Co - they're divine!

This episode was edited by the multitalented and truly sent from the gods, Julie Reynolds @juliehollywood of @audiolemonade

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