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Rising with Resilience with Blair James

As a therapist for the last 17 years, having worked intensively in grief and trauma and with families and young people, I have a particular interest in stories of overcoming challenges and turning them into triumphs.

No one has done that quite like this week’s guest, Blair James.

Blair is the co-founder of the world’s top selling self-tanning brand Bondi Sands, turning over more than $100 million dollars last year. As impressive as his business savvy is, Blair’s vision and grit is only part of the picture here.

Before his incredible success, Blair endured immense losses, from periods of poverty and the loss of the family home, to the death of both his parents at a young age. In spite of these family tragedies, Blair continued to self-propel and use every ounce of tenacity to push forward.

Blair’s passion for his business and his undeniable resilience is an inspiration.

It was an absolute pleasure talking with Blair and his story is truly encouraging.

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