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Surrogacy and COVID

In the latest episode of The Curious Life Podcast, we meet with Kath and Terry, two of the lovely people featured in The Feed documentary, Covid Surrogacy. (Now available at SBS On Demand).

Both Kath and Terry have their own stories about surrogacy here in Australia. Two very different paths that eventually led theirs to cross, and for two beautiful lives to be created.

The doco explores the stories of families at various stages of the surrogacy process, from the perspective of intended parents, local and international surrogates and the incredible women caring for the babies who have been born during COVID and have been left stranded overseas due to travel restrictions.

Kath and Terry share the events that led up both pregnancies, the reality of carrying a baby that is not genetically yours (and will be handed to their parents after the birth), the highs and lows of the hormones, and the emotional bond that has formed between the families through their experience.

Terry and his partner Ben came very close to not being present for their daughter's birth, from travel restrictions to legal arguments and that left huge questions for both families about what would happen in the event of the worst case scenario.

They share all that and more, and in this eye-opening discussion that sheds light on a slice of the reproductive world that is not often talked about.

To follow the journey of Kath, Terry, Ben and their two gorgeous girls, you can find them on Instagram at Making Another Berry.

To watch to full documentary, head to SBS On Demand, or click on this link.

To find out more about surrogacy, head to the Surrogacy Australia Facebook page.

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Edited and Voice Over work by the endlessly incredible Julie Reynolds for Audio Lemonade. This was a tricky one with plenty of challenges, so thank you Julie!

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