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The Other Side with Tracey Dimech

Tracey Dimech is a bubbly, bright and delightful Mum of three from the Central Coast of NSW. She also happens to be a highly regarded psychic medium and spiritual alignment coach, with some of the strongest gifts and insights in her field.

I know this, because I had the distinct honour and privilege of experiencing her incredible talents firsthand, over the course of a magical few hours.

In this episode, Tracey shares her experiences as a lifelong psychic medium, taking us through her first memories of connecting with the other side. She gives a detailed account of what it looks, feels and sounds like when talking to spirits, how she receives her messages and why she feels pulled to share her gifts with a wider audience.

Tracey's abilities are rare and refined, with a passion for connection and authenticity, sharing messages from loved ones who have passed on and poignant information from spirit guides. Her readings provide a fully fleshed out, 3D package of ways to amplify, improve and balance your being.

She doesn't shy away from the hard stuff and reveals a number of spine tingling encounters with powerful celebrities from beyond the grave as well as her own personal experiences with the people she has known and loved.

Tracey is warm, engaging and laser focused on providing healing, clarity and strength to the people who are lucky enough to find themselves in her light.

If you have ever been curious about what it's like to "see dead people" then this episode is for you!

Tracey has just announced a capital city tour, with limited availability - click on the link below to reserve your ticket now!

You can find Tracey on Instagram and Facebook or through her website

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