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Thinking Big with Teddy Briggs

You might recognise this week’s guest as the cheeky intruder on Love Island Australia, who shared his vulnerabilities with the world. What you might not know, is what a deep thinker this impressive young man is, and how he has managed to overcome a complex early life to become a beam of positivity with a firm belief in the law of attraction.

Teddy shared some of the darker times in his life, his thoughts on the impact that appearing on reality television can have on mental health and his link to the tragic story of Love Island UK’s Mike Thalassitis.

It’s not all doom and gloom in this ep, far from it in fact. Teddy’s light and joy is infectious, and he gives us a peek into his high flying life, straight from his new home on the Gold Coast.

You can find Teddy on Instagram at @teddybriggs_

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Enjoy the ep and please share your thoughts!

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