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Tiger Heart with Tanya Hennessy

In this episode, we hear from the firecracker with a tiger heart - the sparkling Tanya Hennessy. Tanya is a comedian, writer, TV presenter and now Junior Fiction author with a contagious laugh, who isn’t afraid to go deep.

Tanya shares some of her experiences with anxiety and mental health, the pros and cons of sleep aids, overthinking and Imposter Syndrome, all of course, with her trademark humour peppered throughout.

This one has it all – from crystals and kinesiology, to the grounding techniques that help Tanya get out of her head and into her body.

She also reveals the joy behind the writing of her latest release, Drumroll Please it’s Stevie Louise and unpacks the parallels between her own childhood experiences and those faced by Stevie Louise and the gang.

This episode is jam packed full of laughter and inspiration and is the perfect antidote to a long and busy day.

For more light and laughter, you can find Tanya on Insta @tanhennessy.

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Edited and VO’d by the wonderful Julie Reynolds of Audio Lemonade.

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